The La Grange baseball tournament was rained out on Thursday, March 9 and has forced alters to the schedule. However, the rain did not stop the entire tournament as three games were completed before play was given at a halt. Here is the new schedule:

March 9
Columbus 11, Weimar 9
Argyle 8, Taylor 3
Weimar 8, Yoakum 2

Day 2 (revised schedule)
at La Grange HS
Sealy vs. Weimar 9 a.m.
La Vernia vs. Bellville 11 a.m.
Argyle vs. Waller 1 p.m.
La Grange vs. La Vernia 3 p.m.
Taylor vs. Geronimo Navarro 5 p.m.
La Grange vs. Argyle 7 p.m.

at Columbus
Taylor vs. Columbus 11 a.m.
Yoakum vs. Columbus 1:30 p.m.

at Weimar
Weimar vs. Bellville 6:30 p.m.

Day 3 (revised schedule)
No schedule available

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