Once Kat Chavez hit a lead off single, the second inning was no trouble for Denver City.
A big second inning showing, which showcased eight runs, led the Fillies to a 1-0 start in district play to defeat Estacado, 13-0.

“We’re feeling pretty good after a good district win,” said Denver City coach Steve McCormick.

“We’ve been working hard, day and night,” pitcher Jewel Santillan said, who pitched three innings, striking out four batters and allowing two hits.

The Fillies went through almost a complete two rotations in the respective batting order as Estacado struggled to field balls in the bright afternoon sun.

After Chavez recorded her single in the first plate showing in the second inning, big hitter Haylee Villareal hit a RBI double that brought in Chavez that plated the first run of the game. Past balls were the achilles heel of the Lady Mats, as Villareal stole home from a past ball, which extended the lead to 2-0 with no outs in the inning.

Julie Barrientes hit a line drive to left field that placed her at first while being down 0-2 in the count.

After a Johnna Hix flyout to third base for the second out in the inning, starting pitcher Jewel Santillan hit a line drive to center field for a RBI single.

Denisse Saenz was able to get on base with a flyout center fielder error that saw Santillan score.
Heidi Gonzalez recorded a RBI in her showing in the second inning by hitting a double into left center field with a 1-1 count.

Chavez’s second plate appearance in the second inning was a two run RBI triple into right center field, which extended the Fillie lead to 7-0 with two outs.

Villareal hit a double as the Fillies were threatening to extend the lead in the same inning.

With an error from the third basemen, Haleigh Gonzales was able to get on base with an error that brought in Chavez and advancing Villareal to third. A Barrientes flyout to center field ended the offfensive showing in the second inning.
Estacado brought in pressure in the next half inning, loading the bases but a fielder’s choice out ended the inning between third and home plate.

Denver City continued to tack on more runs in the bottom of the third inning, as Santillan recorded a single. With a Saenz walk, Heidi Gonzales recorded a two-run RBI double, and extending the lead to 10-0. Sister Hanna Gonzales replicated the same hit, this time in left field, bringing in Heidi to extend the lead to 11-0 after three complete inning.
Denver City added two more runs in the fourth inning that pulled the game away and led to another win for Denver City.

With the win, the Fillies will test their 1-0 district record against Seminole, who toppled Levelland 10-0 Friday afternoon in Seminole.

“We just have to bring our ‘A’ game,” Santillan said. “[We need to] just play strong in our mind.”

“[We just got to] hang close with them [Seminole],” McCormick said. “They have a really good pitcher who is a coach’s daugher and if we can just stay close, we can come from behind.”

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