• What is the Roy Report?

The Roy Report was founded in August 2013, right when the football season began. I always have been passionate about statewide sports. Now, I have turned it into an upcoming sports TX HS sports website and plan to make it bigger. It was once a Facebook page & then expanded to Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & now, a website. I solely run the page covering statewide sports across Texas. It’s not easy but I do my best covering the entire state.

  • Are there any specific teams you cover?

I really don’t like focusing on just one team. I like to spread out my coverage from town to town. Every town will be mentioned on here at least, that’s for sure.

  • How do you get so many scores?

The power of sources, parents, the local media and Twitter. Anyone can send me their score through any social media outlet or email (theroyreporttx@gmail.com)

  • Do you travel to other schools?

Yes, I travel to schools to cover a game. Some schools I can’t travel to since the distance has a critical impact on travel. I do plan to road trip some in the future to other towns I don’t get to stop by frequently.

  • Why are you not coming to our events?

It all depends on how the team is doing in the season and the location of your town. If it is too far for me (3+ hours), I will not go but I wish I could.

  • Can I help?

I created this page to help out towns that don’t get coverage from their local media outlets. Your help is extremely welcomed and greatly appreciated on anything about your team that can be submitted!

  • What sports do you cover?

I cover football, volleyball, girls basketball, baseball, softball, cross country, track, tennis & golf. I will add soccer into the mix in the 2016-2017 school year. Some sports depend on how much information I get from schools.

  • Why haven’t I seen anything on my school?

The main reason is that I don’t receive anything from your school. The more I receive, the more I cover. More information passed onto me = more coverage

  • How can I contact you?

Email: theroyreporttx@gmail.com

DM through Twitter: @theyroyreport

Message through Facebook: The Roy Report